Clean Water

To date PRF has funded the construction of 106 wells & pumps in rural areas in the southern part of Kagera and in Shinyanga district in Tanzania.  Where the land is at ground level clean water can sometimes be found at a depth of 6 to 20 metres when a well with concrete rings can be sunk and a pump installed.

This will replace their current dirty water supply which is the cause of many diseases. Each well & pump provides clean water for all the community in the immediate area which is usually in the region of 1,500 persons but can be up to 4,000.

Clean Water Developments

  • Wells with pumps  106
  • Large rainwater tanks 9
  • Small rainwater tanks 75
  • Classrooms 10
  • Loans to women’s groups 5

The current cost of a shallow well & pump is £2,100 and £2,400 for a deep well depending on the condition of the soil i.e. rock, clay or sand and depth of the water table. We are informed there has been a considerable improvement in health standards reducing diseases where wells have been provided and we understand families move into these areas because of the clean water.

It is mainly the women & children who collect the water and often they have to walk several kilometres, twice each day, to the nearest well or waterhole.

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Rain Water Tanks

Funds have been provided for the construction of 9 large rainwater tanks in the Kayanga and Biharamulo regions.  Each of these cost approx £5/9,000, depending on size which vary from 50/150,000 litres.  The water is available to all in the vicinity.

In addition 75 small rainwater tanks have been provided in some of the most rural areas.  Each tank is about 15,000 litres and is shared by 4/5 families.

The rain water is collected from the roof gutters into the tanks during the wet season for use in the dry season when water is scarce.

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