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Completed Projects

Posted On 18th August 2015

Wells with pumps

To date PRF has funded the construction of 116 wells & pumps in rural areas in the southern part of Kagera in Tanzania with 10 more currently under construction.  Where the land is at ground level clean water can sometimes be found at a depth of 6 to 20 metres when a well with concrete rings can be sunk and a pump installed.  This will replace their current dirty water supply which is the cause of many diseases.  Each well & pump provides clean water for all the community in the immediate area which is usually in the region of 750/1,500 persons but can be up to 4,000.


Wells with pumps                               116 (plus 10 under construction)

Large rainwater tanks                          9

Small rainwater tanks                         70

Classrooms                                            10 (Plus 1 under construction)

Classrooms                                            6

Loans to women’s groups                        4


The current cost of a shallow well & pump is £1,850 and £2,200 for a deep well depending on the condition of the soil i.e. rock, clay or sand and depth of the water table.  We are informed there has been a considerable improvement in health standards reducing diseases where wells have been provided and we understand families move into these areas because of the clean water.


It is mainly the women & children who collect the water and often they have to walk several kilometres, twice each day, to the nearest well or waterhole.





Rainwater tanks


Funds have been provided for the construction of 9 large rainwater tanks in the Kayanga and Biharamulo regions.  Each of these cost approx £5/9,000, depending on size which vary from 50/150,000 litres.  The water is available to all in the vicinity.


In addition 65 small rainwater tanks have been provided in some of the most rural areas.  Each tank is about 15,000 litres and is shared by 4/5 families.


The rain water is collected from the roof gutters into the tanks during the wet season for use in the dry season when water is scarce.




Five new classrooms have been built, at Kabindi, Mabira, Muganza, Muhororo and Nyarwerwe and another refurbished in Rukora.  In each case 90 or more children will attend school, half in the morning and half in the afternoon.  The first two classrooms cost in the region of £5,000 each but the latest classrooms were almost double because of the rise in the cost of materials, cement in particular, and transportation of the materials.


Revolving Loans


Loans have been made to 4 groups and in principle work as follows.


PRF makes a “loan” (gift) to a group of women.  They form their own committee and small groups of 5/6 are invited to apply for funds from the loan.


Each woman will receive maybe £15/25 and with this they will set up a business which may be sewing, cooking, growing extra food, raising chickens, bee keeping etc.  They sell any surplus food or goods helping them to improve the quality of life for their families.


They repay the loans, not to PRF, but to themselves, at a rate of interest which they set, usually 10/12%, over a 6 month period. When the loan, plus interest, is repaid, the capital is then re-loaned to more women who in turn repay this, with interest.  The money continues to be loaned and repaid thus the name “Revolving Loan”. The intention is that over the years more groups and their families will benefit from these loans.


One group was initially loaned £700 and started with 30 women.  This has grown to over £6,000 and 225 women are now receiving loans.  Another was given £400 and started with 12 women but now has £2,500 with almost 100 women benefiting.  This group use some of their profit to care for orphans in their area.


More information required?


This can be obtained by contacting Raymond Rowan at 07974 350656 and by viewing the website www.prf.org.uk.

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