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Well at Mtaa wa Kigoma

Posted On 20th October 2012

Report on Mtaa wa Kigoma direct from the field.

The  photo shows the traditional water source where we identified a woman is fetched water to fill her bucket. This takes longer for water to collect before she get enough to fill her bucket. There are others behind her waiting for the same mission. You can see the construction half way and completed in the other two photos.




After completing the work of fixing the pump, the well automatically becomes in full use.  In the photo  of the completed well you can see a  woman getting clean water and the entire community are extra happy on the service provided they gives much thanks to PRF and its benefactors.

Mtaa wa Kigoma – a well in full use.


A WORD OF THANKS GIVING from the local community.

On behalf of the above two projects beneficiaries, the Chato district water department, the needy, other stakeholder members, I heartily extend our thanks giving to Poverty Relief Fund (PRF) for your concern and help.

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