About us

Poverty Relief Foundation (PRF) is a charity which has been operating in Africa for several years mainly in the Kagera region in north western Tanzania bordering Uganda to the north, Rwanda & Burundi to the west and Lake Victoria to the east.


Our main objectives are to improve the lives of those who live in poverty by providing funds for the following.

  • The installation of wells, water pumps and rain water tanks to provide clean water to communities
  • The construction of schools to provide communities with better learning environments
  • ‘Revolving Loans’ to groups of women


When considering projects we seek assurance on the following points.

The project must be for the benefit of the whole local community whatever their status, tribe, beliefs or creed.

We seek an input from the local community by way of them supplying, materials, expertise, free labour etc so they have a direct involvement in the project.

We need to know that when funds are provided for certain projects the community or Government have the means to pay for staff, tools, equipment etc to ensure continuity on both a short and long term basis.

Water Projects

Water projects are of special interest as they fulfil the objective, need little maintenance and water is the basic necessity for life. Not only is clean water provided but there is a considerable reduction of diseases allowing the adults more time cultivating the land and the children to have less time away from school.

100% Pledge

Donors should be aware that 100% of all donations to PRF are used on the projects and NO expenses are taken out for printing, postage, telephone, time or travel to Africa etc as these are all paid for independently.